Perfect Twelve is the debut feature film of Subculture Filmworks.Ltd. It’s a highly-styled, fast paced, psychological thriller set in the traditional world of men’s barbering where an alternative culture and a strong rockabilly music vibe influence the film throughout. 

The film concentrates on the elder brother of the two barbershop owners Johnny Razor – a split-personality, psychotic, rock ‘n roll barber with an unhealthy obsession in perfecting the twelve classic and vintage haircuts featured on the shop’s poster. 

His need for perfection forces him to “own” the perfect twelve haircuts and the film follows his depraved and compulsive mission to acquire the 12 trophy scalps by killing and scalping his victims . We 

focus on the final four killings with black & white flashbacks to his previous kills, as the story unfolds 

in this drastic and extremely disturbing British independent thriller.   


Perfect Twelve switches between the vibrant and exciting worlds of adult cabaret, tattoo culture and burlesque and the dark, perverseness of a serial killers deranged mind.  . 


In order to prepare for pitching, Subculture Filmworks have had several fantastic photoshoots.  Our latest shoot was at Pinups Barbershop in Mayfield, Sussex where we will be shooting the barbering scenes during the filming of Perfect Twelve.  Barber TERRY GODDEN has put together this  short Behind The Scenes video to music written and performed by our singer/songwriter GLEN DEAN.